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1  Discussion / General Discussion / Re: Fast and Furious and Dragons on: July 20, 2014, 10:55:05 PM
Yeah on the day we can settle out the upgrades to the vehicle and retcon stuff if necessary. Basically the period before a race is where a lot of the strategy and posturing will take place. I was originally thinking of doing a running start, but I figure we should play out the pre-race dynamics.
2  Discussion / General Discussion / Re: Fast and Furious and Dragons on: July 20, 2014, 10:40:28 PM
Here's a bit about the racers in the first race:

A- Captain Falco
- crowd favorite
- best odds, good driver, good car
- former cop and media star
- high garage security (he basically keeps his stuff in a police station)
- probably has skeletons in the closet
- considering a career in politics
- very sensitive about his media image

B - BA Baraca
- bad reputation; known cheater
- uses thugs and intimidation
- bookies don't even want to deal with him
- cops stay away from him unless they have a warrant for a major crime
- runs drugs, weapons
- addicted to drugs
- considered a psycho, mafia won't protect him - he's on his own
- will get into physical fights very easily
- mid-security garage

C - Crusher Kininski
- old veteran driver
- veteran of space wars
- adrenaline junkie in his younger years, used to be a biker
- some connections to gangs
- knows the community well
- respects family
- talks to a lot to hookers, uses drugs
- low security garage
- good driver; good odds

X - Xavier Wessleton
- good at almost everything
- good driver, good car
- rich
- arrogant, underestimates others
- won't deal with criminals
- poorly connected on-planet
- moderate garage security
3  Discussion / General Discussion / Re: Fast and Furious and Dragons on: July 20, 2014, 09:53:28 PM
Wow, that was fast, haha. So how I'll handle crew and followers and stuff is sort of like this:
Your character is busy often, but his skills represent his interests and social connections. So whenever you want to use a skill, but don't have to be physically present, you can get a crew member to do it using your skill modifier on the roll. So your character represents like best person in the crew - every member is like a mini version of your character who's only good at some of the stuff your character is good at. So like one guy is the bomb guy, one is parts guy, one's the magic specialist, ect. So if you wanted to sabotage another car's garage you can do it yourself, or send one or more crew members on a mission to do it with your skills (disguise, stealth, sleight of hand, disable device, ect.) If they die you just recruit more of them after a race - they're like animal companions or something. During a race if you need to use a skill you can do it yourself as an action, or just refluff it such that the crew is doing it and you're barking orders at them or something. Off the track, they represent free labor, but also connections and information gathering sources.

I sort of have a sabotage dynamic figured out, but I figure it might be fun to keep it covert until it comes into play. Basically the benefit of sabotaging another racer is depriving them of standard actions during a race (something blows and they have to spend an action keeping the vehicle in control) or getting the engine to permanently damage itself or explode when nitros are used (for higher DC rolls.)
4  Discussion / General Discussion / Fast and Furious and Dragons on: July 20, 2014, 02:52:08 AM
What do high-octane car racing movies and table-top RPGs have in common. Vin Diesel obviously. But also this new game I'd like to test run sometime soon. I'd like to take the basic rules from Pathfinder RPG and smoosh in some custom street racing rules I made up to make a high fantasy sci-fi space racing story similar to Redline (which you can watch for free on youtube):

So the idea is that each player would control a driver and their pit crew/mechanic/co-pilot. There would be 2-3 races in a session with much of the dialog, drama, and diplomacy happening off the track between races. Everyone would start at level 6 and there will be no leveling, but big cash prizes for doing the races.

Each round your move action is used driving, but standard actions can be used to do pit maneuvers, cast spells, do stunts. As part of your move action you can choose to take short cuts, drift at turns or just react to hazards. Burning a nitro is a swift action. Oh yeah there's nitros.

Piloting vehicles can use whatever one skill you like as long as it fits your character and vehicle concept. Other skills that would be handy include social skills for haggling, negotiating, or beating criminal charges; technical skills for crafting and installing parts or sabotaging other racers; secondary driving skills for doing stunts/challenges while racing; or just about anything your creativity can come up with a use for.   

The world is kitchen sink fantasy including stuff like Eberron, Spelljammer, and steampunk elements. The first race track will be an asteroid belt with a road made of energy. The main nearby settlement is a mining community built into the face of a large asteroid floating in wildspace near a portal to the magma plane of existence. The magma comes out of the portal and solidifies into space rock, which is then mined for minerals using foreign alien labor. The mining town is pretty seedy and has a well established criminal underworld. Between workers, space pimps, and gangsters there's a high demand for death sports ... especially racing.   

Vehicles can be whatever you want as long as it's not too big (like a quarter of the track or something.) The rules are pretty lax on reality, so there's no absolute speed or distance. The dice roll determines who's ahead and the track takes a fixed number of rounds to complete. So the mechanics of the vehicle can be anything. It can be alive, or have multiple crew, or be built into your driver, ect.

Everyone starts off with a vehicle and 16 000 gp to spend. Because the vehicles are considered magical, fixing and upgrading them can be costly. Here's some stats and prices (I'll be willing to change these based on feedback I get.)

Base AC: 19

Armor/Weapons/Engine Class costs:
Bonus/Class     Market Price (gp)
+1                   4 000
+2                  16 000
+3                  36 000
+4                  64 000
+5                 100 000

Armor improves AC. Weapons improve attacks (BAB + driving stat + bonuses). Attacks are done as pit maneuvers. There's no absolute damage - successful attacks will deprive the target of their standard action for the round or make them lose some of their lead/position. Engine class is how many nitros the engine can handle in a race. Too many nitros and the car will explode. Nitros can be used to evade attacks, bypass obstacles, or just get ahead.
Instead of a magic ring that gives a +5 skill bonus, you have the option of refluffing the magic item into magical rims, spoilers, or some other accessory. The market price of such items is usually 2500 gp. Nitros are 500 gp per charge. After races, 10% of the total cost of the vehicle has to be spent to get it back into racing condition (armor + weapons + engine + accessory + 2500 gp). Another 5-10% goes to bookies/corrupt officials/mafia, ect. All prices are negotiable if you have the right skill set and leverage.

Asteroid belt circuit prize and betting odds

Ranking         Prize
1st               75 000
2nd              50 000
3rd               25 000

Racer            Odds         Top bet
A                  32:34       1 000 000 gp 
B                  10:1         2000 gp
C                  4:1          200 000 gp
X                  8:1          100 000 gp
Player 1        HuhHuhHuhHuhHuh?
Player 2        HuhHuhHuhHuhHuh?
Player 3        HuhHuhHuhHuhHuh?
Player 4        HuhHuhHuhHuhHuh?
(Each player begins with like 40:1 odds and like no one betting for them. But bets are updated per lap completed.)

You can come to the session with a character and vehicle made, but then we can start the game prior to the race to give everyone a last minute chance to haggle for prices and come up with plans before finalizing the characters and cars. Also it's possible for characters to make more money off people gambling on them than they would make from winning the prize, based on odds and hype.
5  Discussion / General Discussion / Re: Introduction Thread- Fall 2013 on: October 01, 2013, 05:22:09 AM
Hi, I'm Tarek. I'm an ancient beast known as a grad student. I should be spending most of my time in my lab or writing, so if I'm doing my job then you'll probably never see me. Since I'm done TAing I won't be categorically avoiding the club to reduce potential awkward social situations with my students. But all the same I'm busy and my time at SFU draws to an end so I won't be able to hang out much. I do science and I've lived the mad scientist lifestyle for awhile now. Laughing fits while alone at 2 AM atop a mountain fortress is normal for me. As are oaths of vengeance sworn in dimly lit, leaky, windowless dungeons/labs. I also write stories, sometimes for money. Some of my projects have been greenlit and I'm always open to talking story or developing ideas.

(Conan intro in Mako's voice)
I've watched the ARC and SFU change and transform over the years and I've come to issue dire warnings and lore about this school and university life. I've learned the best places on campus to take dumps, get food, and have sex. I've seen students here become kings by their own hand while others became slaves to debt and were stuck with jobs they hate. There is hidden beauty on burnaby mountain for those who seek it. One can only show you to the path. The rest of the story has yet to be written. Ha ha ha.


- do Co-op/volunteer/sideline hacking. Course completion is the bare minimum you can take away from your time at a university. Some of the best thinkers in the world are collected together at a university and they are a great resource for both guidance and gaining experience.
- do stuff. Related to above. Do whatever it is you want to be good at in life. You don't need to be a student to be part of the campus community, so even if you don't like school you can still get good at a useful skill through involvement with student clubs. And if you complete a degree while nurturing a second skill, you might find rare opportunities. If your interests align with your course work, that's good. But always actually do what it is you want to be good at.
- Take advantage of the trails on burnaby mountain. If you're trying a new trail go with a friend for safety. There are like hidden sights scattered all over the mountain like abandoned cars and tree houses where mountain men used to live and stuff. BC has great geography and people from around the world come here to check it out. You happen to take courses right on top of that geography so don't miss out.
6  Discussion / General Discussion / Re: Gym - Fall 2013 on: October 01, 2013, 04:27:25 AM
No way, ice running on the track is hella fun. It's like the ice levels in mario kart.  Also, if you have waterproof shoes, you can pretend you're rocky IV and run in the snow. Also I heard they got a giant tire recently. Now you can flip a giant tire ... in the middle of winter.
7  Discussion / Gaming / Re: Department of Interplanar Affairs (DIA) on: June 25, 2013, 12:58:30 PM
Episode 1: Everyone dies

Cuttle Planet. 5 AM (Sigil Standard Time Zone)

A trial of his peers...

Medius was observing a population of primitive cephlopodians known as amphibious one-eyed cuttles. He was evaluating if outsider intervention was required. Their culture was reaching the point where they were learning how to force others into warfare ... forcing them to not be neutral. Medius took action and stopped the gangpressing of young cuttles into the conflict, but in doing so startled the group.
Bertram was hunting a type of carnivorous plant. His collection license afforded him a certain range of plants that he was allowed to bring down. For hours he was on the trail of the biggest, juciest of the plants that he was allowed to take.
Fjord was in pursuit of a cuttle criminal. Very intelligent for a cuttle, this criminal figured out that he can sell his species' young to aliens for a profit. Fjord and an appointed judge were sent to go deal with the offending cuttle.
Chaos broke out and the cuttles began stampeding. Bertram's target plant was destroyed during the stampede. Fjord's chase led him to the other two as the stampeding cuttles headed their way. Bertram stopped the criminal with punch-glove arrows that stunned him and Medius mediated with the judge about what would be a just trial and punishment. Bertram used a screaming arrow to frighten the stampede away from themselves, affording a safe pocket as cuttles swarmed around to avoid the frightening noise from the arrow.
A jury consisting of cuttles, Bertram, and Medius was assembled and the defendant was given a trial. A cuttle prosecutor and the defense battled it out and a guilty verdict was reached, with Bertram and Medius' votes being a deciding factor. The judge ordered that, as a punishment for selling his species' young as food for aliens, the criminal cuttle was to be served as food on another planet. Fjord was ordered to carry the criminal cuttle and transport him to another planet where it is to be served as food.

Sigil, DIA office. 7:00 AM

You are the law...

The heroes were then contacted by Em, head of the Department of Interplanar Affairs. She had work for them. They were summoned to her office from the cuttle planet via portal and briefed:

At 6:16 Sigil time, an argenach, a Rilmani like Medius, was attending an interplanar committee featuring representatives from all of the planes. The Rilmani stood up and with two rotating chamber staff guns (like wand guns), gunned down the entire room with nearly epic level magic. The guns disintegrated and he dimension doored away. He was seen escaping on foot through an astral portal between two buildings in Sigil.

Alien sightings matching the rogue argenach's description were popping up on the planet Gerth in the Gerth sphere. There are informants and DIA operatives on-planet and scattered around the solar system ready to help. They party was then led to their spelljammer: The Benign Intervention      

They embarked the jammer, took it on a test run through Sigil to get used to the controls, and flew it through the building sized alley-way portal that the argenach escaped through.

Astral Plane. 7:45 AM (Sigil Standard Time)

I'm a hippo on the edge...

Fjord used his martial arts skill to pilot the jammer via a helm that requires a system of pulleys and cables to operate. Medius can use his solider training to operate if necessary. Bertram looked for hazards from the observation deck. The helm comes with several enchantments, including a built-in navigation skill enhancement for the helmsmen or captain.

A few minor encounters went by: debris, abandoned ship, an astral shark. But Bertram heard wooden creaking not far off the side of the jammer. He alerted the others but no one could see anything. They could only hear creaking wood on either side of the craft. Medius activated his power to see invisibility and saw two githyanki ships flanking the party's jammer. It was on. Medius used an ice storm ability to attack the port side ship and make it briefly visible to the rest of the party. Medius and Fjord jumped aboard the port side enemy ship to do battle. The spelljammer was struck with grappling shot by the two ships as the githyanki decloaked and Bertram engaged the gith archers in a ranged exchange. Bertram took cover and picked off gith archers when they stepped out from behind their cover to take shots while Medius and Fjord fought. The spelljammer was boarded by the starboard side gith ship crew and Bertram had to fall back. He ran down the hull of the jammer and jumped from it to the port side gith ship where Medius and Fjord fought. He crawled in through the gun port and used his explosive powder horn to hold the non-combative gith crew hostage by threatening to blow up their gun powder kegs, and the ship along with it.
Fjord was killed in combat by a githyanki ninja pirate on the gith ship, Medius was caught in the jetstream as he tried to jump back onto the spelljammer, and Bertram blew up the ship and was also thrown into empty astral space as was the githyanki ninja pirate who killed Ford. Medius polymorphed in to a bird and flew back to engage the remaining gith still on the spelljammer while the starboard gith ship disengaged and fled. He fought them with the help of Bertram, who was flying through astral space taking shots at the gith from 500 feet away. Medius dropped enemy after enemy, finally taking down the gith magus arcane sword fighter and leaving only the double blunderbuss fighter. Medius strode after the gunfighter but missed with his attack, and the wounded gunpirate shot Medius dead. About to take command of the jammer and fly it back to the dead god isle to be added to the tribe's armada, the remaining gun gith was cut in half by Bertram's arrow.

Bertram was adrift in the astral plane. His allies dead and his craft derelict. He looked back at the building-sized portal that they came through, now several miles away. He secured a rescue note to a signal arrow and took the shot. Natural 20.  
8  Discussion / Gaming / Re: Department of Interplanar Affairs (DIA) on: June 25, 2013, 12:15:39 PM

I'll add more if people post some character info on the group or here.

So far the heroes are:

A ferrumach samurai with a shining body of iron and a keen blade. He comes from a metallic-skinned race of totally neutral creatures. Medius travels the multiverse fighting for the right of any being to stay neutral. He has been assigned as the jury and unbiased observer on this mission.

Bertram Hadley
A giff archer with a taste for vegetable game. As a herbivorous hippo-like creature, Bertram seeks the thrill of hunting and eating new types of plants, even if they're dangerous. While hippo-headed (literally) and sporting a spiffy colonial hunting attire, his down-to-earth wit and authentic lifestyle really appealed to someone on the mission's planning council. So much so that he was assigned as a judge.

Fjord (sp.)
Most space orcs are vicious and savage people, but not Fjord. He's turned away from his racial tendencies to become a peaceful and gentle monk. He instead focuses on self-mastery and enlightenment instead of the aggression, vengence, and pointless brutality that typifies his people. Because it's visually obvious that he's a space orc, he's been hired and contracted out to do the jobs reserved for space orcs -he is the party's executioner.
9  Discussion / Gaming / Department of Interplanar Affairs (DIA) on: June 25, 2013, 11:55:26 AM
Hi, this will just be documentation for the mini-campaign/multi-shot I'm running this summer while procrastinating from my academic and paid work. Feel free to use it as a discussion area relating to the game and stuff. This is just in case I lose track of the facebook group, or in case it gets scheduled for deletion or forgotten to the limbo of past facebook event pages or something. One day I might come back and mine this stuff for ideas for future projects so I'd like to keep a bit of a record.


Let's start with the overworld so to speak:

The lines with the horizontal bars indicate the known places you can land or travel to with your spelljammer. The planets that don't have the labels have atmospheres that are too violent for a small spelljammer to enter easily, but may potentially still be accessed through other means. The structures with the double horizontal bars are part of a gate or portal leading to another plane or outside of wildspace.

Planet 1: Kurn
A harsh desert planet that used to be home to an advanced civilization that wiped themselves out. Part of the planet exploded which altered it's orbit such that it's become a vin diesel pitch black planet where the surface is regularly immolated each day. There exists some life under the surface or at the polar regions that receive moderate insolation depending on the season. The intelligent population consists mostly of thri-kreen and other insectoids or aberrations.

Planet 2: Gerth
The planet after which the system is named. A goldilocks planet whose living intelligent population consists primarily of humans and dolphins. Once a place of myth and magic, the humans destroyed every other race (except for the dolphins, who are taking refuge under the sea). They have lost all knowledge of magic, but have built impressive technology in its place and have started to colonize their planet's moon using rockets. It is regarded as a neutral ground and the planet's affairs is of great interest to several deities. The prime directive clearly dictates that the human citizens of Gerth should not be disrupted or made aware of any knowledge of unnatural extraterrestrial or extraplanar activity or operations. The planet's atomosphere will bar entry from a normal spelljammer, but the humans have developed rocket and reentry technology that allows them to travel between the planet an the moon.

Planet 3: Taliana
A gas giant inaccessible to most spelljammers. It has dozens of moons. The two largest moons, Tiabal and Codunck, are thought to consist of a solid ball of ice and a mass of gelatinous ooze respectively. Codunck, the ooze planet, is known to have ooze-based life, but intelligence is debated.

The small structure in the top right with the erratic orbit is a large stone portal carved into a meteorite. It leads through the astral plane to a portal to Sigil. The trip between portals isn't long, but Githyanki pirates and astral creatures are known to attack travelers.

The portal in the top left leads to the elemental plane of magma. Molten rock is spewed out of the portal and forms long columns of rock that float through wildspace. These structures are mined by transplanar companies who have their headquarters in Sigil and who own property throughout the mutiverse. One of the larger blobs of rock has been colonized and acts as a capital city among the mining shanty towns and camps. This is the city of Crankjaw, known for it's space hookers, cheap drugs, gambling and arms dealers.

The portal in the lower left leads through the impenetrable crystal shell that surrounds the star system. Though the actual location shifts from time to time, it can be used to move into the interstitial space between spheres (solar systems). Planar travel in this interstitial space is impossible, not even deities can enter this area, meaning that a spelljammer is out there alone if things go wrong. NOTE: A spelljammer can still move through this space. Just planar travel using portals or astral projection doesn't work.

The head:
No one knows the head's origin. It's hollow on the inside and can be explored but there's nothing of value left in it. It forms a habitat for a number of wildspace monsters. Once every couple of dozen Gerth years it comes into close proximity to the planet, triggering suicidal cultism and psychosis in some of the population and mild disinterest in the rest. Once every 100 years or so it comes into a collision course with Taliana in its moons. It has narrowly missed each time, but one of these days ....
10  Discussion / Gaming / Re: Weekly Oneshots Summer 2013 on: June 15, 2013, 03:18:12 PM
Point buy 20. But if you want to roll 4d6 drop one then go ahead. Normal starting gold for level 7.
11  Discussion / Gaming / Re: Weekly Oneshots Summer 2013 on: June 15, 2013, 04:45:01 AM
This is a multi-shot (3-5 sessions), but it can function with people jumping in or out randomly. If you think it belongs in it's own thread and not with the one-shots then I'll move it accordingly.

Interplanar Space Police
System: Pathfinder/DnD 3.5 hybrid with extras (see description)
System Complexity: Possibly complex
Newbie Accessible: Depends on the group level
Date/Time: weekly for 3-5 sessions starting week of june 24th
Location: TBA on SFU
Player Prep Work: Make a character
Genre: Fantasy
Player Limit: 5
Adventure Description:
Story: Based out of the precinct in the city of Sigil, the nexus of the multiverse, you are a cop working for the Department of Interplanar Affairs, the DIA. You've been placed on a team tasked with hunting down an interdimensional criminal who is running amok across the multiverse. He's taken refuge somewhere in the Prime Material Plane and it's up to you guys to bring him to justice. Because the officials in Sigil are sticklers for rules, as they answer to entities in lawful planes, the party must have an official judge, a jury, and a qualified executioner present so that justice may be delivered according to the exact specification of the law. You've been given the keys to a firefly-class spelljammer capable of moving between planes and within the prime material plane.

Note that there's a prime directive. The heroes may find themselves on any kind of world and will have to fit in without disrupting the locals. However, You do have a license to kill.


Technical: Pathfinder rules set in DnD planescape and spelljammer universes. There's basically a bunch of alternate dimensions as explained here:
The players live and work in the outer planes, but occasionally get sent on field assignments to the prime material plane, the "normal" universe where most DnD worlds exist. To fly around from planet-to-planet in the prime material plane, the party has a mini-spelljammer ship that lets them float through space and access portals that can take them between dimensions.

Players characters can be from any kind of planet or dimension as long as they can provide stats for the race/monster they want to play. We'll be doing gestalt characters where one half of the gestalt must be a creature type or a monster class progression.


Monster class progression
See dnd 3.5 Savage Species book or just invent something roughly like these
(We'll house rule/home brew monster progressions on a per character basis if needed)

The idea is everyone is simultaneously leveling up their class and growing as a monster.

Starting level ... level 7.
12  Discussion / Anime/Manga / Re: Anime Revolution 2012 Vancouver on: April 27, 2013, 05:36:12 AM
I'm not sure if I have plans to go to AR yet. But I do think I'll be going to AE. Also most of the ARC's anime activities have been moved to a new club: SFU Anime Club. You might find more information there.

13  Discussion / Gaming / Re: ARC weekly oneshots take 2 on: March 27, 2013, 01:59:36 AM
yeah the book was called "Rule 34". I had the idea since before I found out about the book. But the book encouraged me to step up and develop the idea.
14  Discussion / Gaming / Re: ARC weekly oneshots take 2 on: March 20, 2013, 08:05:23 PM
Inbetween semesters I may be able to run a one-shot/multi-shot (2-4 sessions).

I was thinking of the following and I'd like to know what people are interested in.


- Spelljammers. Based on the 2nd ed DnD campaign about giant vessels that can move between planets, the party would be passengers on a fantasy vehicle (giant whales, squids, shells) that fly through space.

- Journey to the Moon. This would be a continuation of my monster steampunk saga where a team of explorers take a steam rocket to the moon to obtain moon rocks for a mad scientist. You don't have to know anything about my previous campaigns, just that it takes place in a steampunkish victorian world where magic and myth is thought to be extinct (but is actually hidden). 

Feng Shui:

- Cybercops. The world authorities are unable to handle new digital threats to global security and police departments are building new cybercrimes departments dedicated to fighting cybersex crimes, piracy and terrorism. The players are random experts assembled to combat evil online and off. They're given a crash course on nettiquette, a license to kill, and all the authority they need to bring internet wrongdoers to justice.
15  Discussion / General Discussion / Re: PAX Prime 2013 on: March 19, 2013, 10:23:45 PM
Holy shit you're going to burning man? Every year I say I'll go and I never do. If this is the year then I'll see you on the playa.
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